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The Power of the Right (or wrong) Choice

When people fail, when they abandon their call, their values, their responsibilities, they do so “all at once.” Or so it appears. Continue reading

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Getting Over the Hump in Building Lifechanging Habits

What’s the secret to getting over the hump of building an impacting habit that can have life-long effects? Are there any “magic” actions to take to set that accomplishment in motion? Continue reading

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Building Your Values Into Habits

When I first read the concept about building habits to become successful, I was thoroughly intrigued. I started thinking of habits that I could build that would make me “successful” according to my definition—that is, congruent with my values. What actions/activities could I automate so that I would no longer struggle with whether or not to do them? I came up with a list… Continue reading

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Moving From Urgent to Important

Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. Johoann Von Goethe   I often quote from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a classic full of nuggets of wisdom, but I … Continue reading

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The First of the Month

I hope the first of the month means good things to you like a time to start fresh, to clear the slate and focus on something new—on whatever you consider important. Continue reading

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The Sacred Family Meal Tradition

 I ran an informal survey on MyPleasantPlaces Facebook page and asked two questions: 1) Does your family have a family mealtime tradition now and/or did you have one as a child when you were growing up? 2) Do you have … Continue reading

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Know Your “Why?”

It’s one thing to have goals and dreams. It’s another to know “why” you have those particular goals and dreams. Discovering your “why?” can be an enlightening and motivating experience. Continue reading

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