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Increasing Your Fitness Level Without Killing Yourself

It’s important to me to keep this fitness dimension of my life in proper perspective. It’s a means to an end! It’s not all that my life consists of, nor is it the source of my identity. However, it is an energizer, a stress-reliever, and it keeps me young at heart. So it is not to be taken lightly, either. Continue reading

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I had no deadlines to meet, the weather was pleasant, so why not go on a walk to take in the Fall colors “up close and personal”? I have to tell you, this is quite unusual thinking for me. Continue reading

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Capitalizing on our Human Nature to Build a Strength

Did you know that we humans are more likely to take action for the purpose of avoiding pain or loss than for the purpose of being rewarded and experiencing joy or pleasure? It’s a scientific fact. It is that very tendency that I want to capitalize on in this post—a tendency that we can use to our advantage and become a better person. Continue reading

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Build Your Brain By Exercising Your Body

Physical exercise increases brain volume while strengthening and slimming down the body. Continue reading

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