The Best Time of the Year–Again

Day 4 of my 30-Day Challenge

Day 4 of My 30-Day Challenge

On January 1, I wrote the first post for My Pleasant Places,The Best Time of the Year.”  It was all about why I like the New Year and the idea of new beginnings.  I didn’t even realize it when I started the 30-day challenge this month, but it just so happens that July 1 is the very middle of the year.  This is interesting because I’m not really great “in the middle.”  I am a great starter, and I’m a faithful finisher (even if by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin), but I usually fight the fizzles in the middle.  Don’t know what “the fizzles” are?  It’s the propensity to fizzle out along the way.  As I examine my general day-to-day rhythms, I realize that I’m a fizzler not only an an annual basis, but on a daily basis, too (even weekly).  I start very strong, but I begin to lose momentum in the early afternoon.

Therefore, I find that this 30-day challenge is actually quite the shot in the arm for people like me (fizzlers).  As I wrote in my first post, I love new beginnings. As a fizzler, it seems very fitting, then, that I create a “new beginning” right about the time I typically start to spit and sputter.  So though not my original intent, I am finding that this 30-day challenge is beneficial in more ways than one.  It is serving as a new beginning for me.  My wheels are already turning as to how I can create “a new beginning” in the middle of my day right about the time I start to get the afternoon fizzles.

Speaking of the New Year and the fact that it is now half over, it seems an appropriate time to revisit New Year’s goals and plans and evaluate your progress.  If you’ve fallen by the wayside, why not pick yourself up, dust off and start again.  Henry Ford once said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”  Maybe you can look back on your earlier goals and discover what you did that sabotaged your plans.  Did you set too-lofty goals? Then break them down into “baby steps” and start again.  Did you keep your goals a secret?  Maybe you should find some way to publicize them (tell your spouse, roommate, an online forum, post on the refrigerator so everyone can see!) in order to feel accountable outside yourself.

The main thing is, don’t be a fizzler!  We still have half a year to make progress towards the becoming the person we want to be.  And six months is plenty of time to make significant gains.

Are you a fizzler?  Do you have any bright ideas for creating “new beginnings” here in the middle of the year and/or in the middle of the day?  Please tell me about them by clicking, “Leave A Comment” below.  (The first time you leave a comment, you may have to confirm your email address, but it will not be seen publicly, and you should not have to confirm when leaving future comments.)  I enjoy hearing from you!

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