Traveling Light

Day 19 of my 30-day challenge

Day 19 of My 30-Day Challenge

I hate packing.  I have hated it for a long, long time.  Over the last 20 years or so, I have had to do it a LOT; you’d think that I’d have it down to an art and not hate it so.  But that is not the case.

In my “previous life”—seems like eons ago—I did almost all my traveling on a motorcycle. You don’t know the true meaning of “traveling light” until you have had to pack for a six-week trip on two wheels.  In addition to all the usual necessities, traveling on a motorcycle requires packing some clothes for every kind of weather—wet, dry, hot, cold—and in my case, I also had to pack books and a computer, as well, in order to keep up with my responsibilities while traveling.  It was not an easy task.  During that same phase of my life, I went on a weekend retreat with a bunch of women.  We all met at someone’s house and packed ourselves and our luggage into as few cars as possible.  Everyone hauled out large suitcases, and many of them had an overnight case as well.  When I produced a small duffel bag, it was as if time stood still for a moment.  I felt all eyes on me, and I thought I might have heard a slight gasp.  My sister broke the silence with a laugh.  “I told you she would pack lighter than the rest of us.”  I had had lots of experience at it!

Over the years, my traveling has become more sophisticated as it is now mostly by plane.  But, sadly, that doesn’t mean I can pack more.  In fact, I find it more restrictive.  I mean, for goodness sakes! You have to compress your entire beauty regimen (all liquids and creams) into a quart-size plastic bag!  Obviously, they don’t take into consideration that some people require more beautifying than others!

Even though I pack pretty light in the sense that I fit it all into one bag, that does not mean I am taking very little with me.  No, in my one bag, I have dress clothes, casual clothes, running clothes, four pair of shoes, a curling iron, a purse, makeup, and magazines.  I guess you could say I’m traveling “dense” as everything in my bag is very, very compressed.

it takes me most of the day to get ready for a week-long trip.  There’s washing and ironing and mending and folding and pouring gels and liquids into minute containers to stuff into my quart bag.  But finally, except for a few last-minute items, I think I’m packed and ready to go.  Steve and I are off tomorrow for a week-long spiritual meeting in Trinidad with brothers and sisters from around the world.  I intend to “pack” what I hear just as efficiently as I pack my luggage.  May the truth that I hear be received and compressed within me to build dense, spiritual mass.

While I am gone, I plan to continue posting.  This is where the real challenge for me begins, as I will have to condense my writing into much less time.  And so, the challenge continues…

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  1. Cindy Lofton says:

    I think we need a step by step video demonstration of how you pack so light. 🙂 I could definitely improve my packing skillz. Have a wonderful trip!!! I can imagine how awesome it will be.

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